Mission and Vission


  • To be a center of academic excellence and a respected leader and a respected leader of quality education.


  • To provide quality education through attracting, retaining and developing highly qualified and motivated staff; establishing modern facilities and systems; engaging parents as well as key stakeholders; and cooperating with other local and foreign institutions.


  • We are committed to serve the society with full sense of responsibility, transparency, accountability, integrity, equity, impartiality, and zero tolerance to corruption
  • We respect parents, other customers and employees expectations and strive to meet their demands for quality education and related services proactively
  • We promote innovation and creativity and communicate the same to the society
  • We exert maximum effort to develop and maintain staff with ethical and exemplary behavior
  • We strive to create a safe learning and teaching environment for students and our staff
  • We strive to protect the natural environment in the provision of our services to the society
  • We have a firm believe that our value is enhanced by honestly serving the society
  • We promote team work and participation for providing quality education and services