Online national examination system

Ethio-Parents’ school proudly presents, an online national examination system for grade 8,grade 10 and grade 12 students to practice exam questions that are designed by highly experienced subject area specialist.
The questions are edited and provided with answer key following a deep explanations on the each exam questions.
The online examinations system consist of all courses that are included on national examinations for Grade 8,10, and 12.
Enjoy this massive exam bank by purchasing any of the voucher card presented at near by postal offices and Ethio-Parent’s book store around our school.
We provide answers with detailed explanations to aid students study independently . Using our TIMED exams, students can test themselves in their mastery of the content and time management.
You can practice all this exams online from IPhone, IPad, tablet, laptop or desktop at your home where ever there is an internet.
You can get student voucher cards from near by ethiopostal service branch and ethio-parents’ school bookstore.
You can forward your feedback to or